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Sierra Resource Conservation District

Oak to Timberline’s service area lies within the Sierra Resource Conservation District, which encompasses approximately 3,063 square miles (1,960,248 acres). The area is over 50% of the total acreage of Fresno County (3,817,025 acres).

Meet Sierra RCD, OTFSC’s Valued Partner

Oak to Timberline’s partnership with Sierra Resource Conservation District began in 2016, with a grant from the California Fire Safe Council, obtained by SRCD, to facilitate the development of a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP). Two years of painstaking work and community outreach by OTFSC and Sierra RCD resulted in the completion of the 91-page CWPP document, which has been approved by Fresno County Office of Emergency Services and CalFire / Fresno County Fire.


In 2020 Sierra RCD was awarded another grant from the California Fire Safe Council which provided funds for hazard fuel reduction and community education in the Oak to Timberline service area. Our community has benefitted directly from this grant:

- Free Fire Risk Evaluations have been made available to landowners. Hundreds of evaluations have been completed as of fall 2023.

- 58 acres of fuel reduction have been completed on 31 properties (approximately 80,000 cubic feet).

- Three community work days have been organized and completed.

- An eight-person Americorps team was in residence in Pinehurst in March 2022, reducing over 50,000 cubic feet of fuel in a single month.


Sierra Resource Conservation District (SRCD) is one of 95 special districts in the State of California, which are locally governed agencies with their own locally appointed or elected, independent boards of directors. California RCDs implement projects on public and private lands, and educate landowners and the public about resource conservation.



The mission and function of the Sierra Resource Conservation District is to focus or coordinate available technical, financial, and educational resources at the local level, to meet the present and future natural resource needs of the local land user. The SRCD acts as a liaison between the private landowner and a multitude of federal, state, county, educational, and non-profit land use programs to meet natural resource objectives.


Sierra RCD is an autonomous self-governing body. There is no taxing authority, by agreement, at the time of establishment. It is truly a “grass-roots” organization dedicated to serving both the private and public interest.



In 2017, SRCD was awarded District of the Year by the California Association of Resource Conservation Districts. The District’s accomplishments included spreading awareness of their mission, building a biomass utilization campus, working with RCD’s, RC&D’s, and other partners to build collaboration, pull resources together, mentor, and overcome jurisdictional boundaries to be regionally effective in addressing problems.


Oak to Timberline is grateful for the support Sierra RCD has offered to the Council, and to our community at large. We look forward to our continued partnership!

Contact Sierra RCD

Tanner Michaelson

Manger of Collective Impact

Firewise Coordinator

(559) 855-1173

Chelsea Hutchens

Forestry and Watershed
Program Manager

(559) 593-1173

Elizet Gomez

FRE Manager and

GIS Specialist

(559) 855-5840

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