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Local Contractors

While OTFSC does not endorse any particular contractor, we want to share with you the contractors who have asked us to list them as available to help with your home hardening projects/needs.”

Local contractors to help with clearing projects for homeowners

  • Tande Land Company | Registered with CalFire and USFS
    "We operate a masticator and are willing to travel. We have fire suppression on our jobs as well."
    David Tande (530)-604-0446

  • ​Gilbert Estrada - (559) 393-3607 | 
    Logger's license, tree trimming, hazard tree removal, fire clearance

  • Charley Debar - (760) 878-8329 
    Tree trimming, brushing, etc.

  • Castellanos Tree Service - (559) 333-8751,   

  • Miguel Gomez -(559) 480-5218
    weed eating, general clean-up   

  • Topnotch, Inc (Brack Welton) - (559)908-1855 - Tree trimming & Removal

  • Nick Charles (559) 513-5119
    Mowing, Weed eating, Tree trimming, raking, fallen wood collection
    Very reasonable rates and willing to travel to your location.

  • Valley Farm Service, Inc (Scott Edgerly) - (559)217-5338 - Brushing,

        and fuels reductionn


If you have names to add, contact OTFSC at (559) 336-4147 and leave a message

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