Oak to Timberline Fire Safe Council (OTFSC) serves a diverse region ranging from 500' to 6500' elevation. From the grasslands, through the brush and oak of the foothills, and all the way to the timberlands of the Giant Sequoias, the Council's service area encompass nearly 217,000 acres of public and private lands.


Within it are State and Federal lands, private homes, ranches, schools, churches, youth camps, businesses, and wildlife refuges, and the communities of Piedra, Tivy Valley, Wonder Valley, Squaw Valley, Dunlap, Miramonte, Pinehurst, Badger, Eshom Valley, Hartland, and Sequoia to Hume Lakes. Its territory lies within the Kings and Kaweah River watersheds, which offer an array of wildlife habitats and recreational activities, as well as being a vacation destination for visitors from all over the world.

Oak to Timberline Fire Safe Council is a community based, non-profit organization. The Council is prepared to fulfill its mission to “promote fire safety by providing information, education, support incentives, and projects that encourage fire safety in our communities east of the Friant-Kern Canal and south of the Kings River, from “Oak to Timberline."