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Brookside Fuel Break Landowner Agreement Forms

Brookside Fuel Break Land Owner Agreement Form Online 

For more information on the scope of the fuel break programs, please download and review these PDF files.

Brookside Fuel Break Land Owner Agreement Map and Photos

Brookside Fuel Break Land Owner Agreement Description of Project

OTFSC projects require landowner permission

OTFSC receives grants from CalFire, PG&E, and other agencies to perform fuel reduction, tree felling, and other projects to make our communities safer. Most of this work is to be performed on private lands. OTFSC will never work where we do not have permission or any required environmental documents.

Our current grants, which will be completed in 2024, are the Pinehurst Community Fuel Break and the Brookside Community Fuel Break (see maps here). If your property appears to be within a project area, your signature is requested for work to be performed. You may download forms from this page, fill them out online on this page, or request them from OTFSC. Please email, or call (559) 336-4147.

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