Oak to Timberline Firesafe Council partners with Sierra Resource Conservation District

Oak to Timberline Firesafe Council (OTFSC)  has  partnered with Sierra Resource Conservation District (Sierra RCD) to collaborate on a grant to evaluate and if possible, mitigate fire danger on private property.  OTFSC is looking for property owners willing to have their property evaluated for fire danger.  The evaluation includes the exterior of the structures, the immediate area up to five feet out from structures, then 5 feet to 100 feet, and finally the rest of the property out to the property lines.  The evaluation provides suggestions to make the property evaluated more likely to survive a fire.  Along with the suggestions, there may be funds to provide help in mitigating the problems evaluated.  

Resources to help you evaluate your own property

The mission of the SIERRA RESOURCE CONSERVATION DISTRICT (SRCD) is to take available resources, whatever their source, and use them at the local level to meet the present and future natural resource needs of the local land user, and to save the basic resources, soil, water, and air of the state from unreasonable and preventable waste and destruction.  The SRCD acts as a liaison between the private landowner and a multitude of land use programs to meet natural resource objectives.  Go to their website to learn more about Sierra RCD, click here

Oak to  Timberline firesafe Council has been busy over the last few years.  the following link will give you an overview of grants awarded, projects completed, and future direction under the Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP).