Outsmart an Ember

Outsmart an ember. Get your 100’ clearance done. Harden your home.


CalFire, OTFSC, your insurance company, and your own common sense tell you how to prepare for wildfire. But we all know what a lot of work it is — making decisions, working in stages, and just plain getting outside, getting it done.


Getting a home ready for wildfire is not necessarily complex or expensive, but it’s important to understand what you are protecting your home from. 


In 2018, OTFSC is going to focus on one very important — and very destructive — danger: the EMBER. Embers (aka firebrands) can ignite whole neighborhoods (such as in the recent northern and southern California fires). Embers fell far from the Rough Fire in those days of the battle over McKenzie Ridge. If you’ve done your 100’ clearance, but haven’t raked dead leaves away from your home’s foundation or kept your roof swept clean, you are in danger from embers. 


So let’s learn how to Outsmart an Ember! OTFSC is collaborating with Critter Creek and our good friend Craig Jones, to help us understand the principles of Outsmarting an Ember. Craig is an OTFSC volunteer and project manager for another OTFSC partner, Sierra Resource Conservation District. He’s a registered forester from Colorado (now living in Fresno) who will show us how to protect a building from embers, and how to strategize clean up, on Critter Creek buildings. This can help you understand your priorities when preparing for wildfire.


Don’t miss the opportunity to get your questions answered and see what a fire professional would say about a specific situation. And together we can help Critter Creek be better prepared for fire. 


We hope to see you there!