Calendar of 2022 Board and Public Meetings

Meeting dates are on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, with Board meetings at 7:00, and quarterly Public meetings at 6:00 unless otherwise noted.

Meeting place or online (Zoom) meeting will be determined by prevalence or status of Covid pandemic. Once the danger of Covid seems to recede and in person meetings can resume, place of meetings will be set.

January 24, nominations
Board Meeting (Zoom)

February 15, elections
Board and Public Meeting (Zoom)

     Public Meeting at 6:00, elections

     Board Meeting at 7:00

March 15

Board Meeting 

April 19

Board Meeting 

May 17

Board and Public Meeting 

June 21

Board Meeting


July 19

Board Meeting

August 16

Board and Public Meeting

September 20
Board Meeting

October 18

Board Meeting

November 15

Board and Public Meeting

December date TBA

Cookies and Conversation



        Board Meeting (Every month, open to the public)

        Public Meeting (open to the public, Stakeholder's update)