The next OTFSC meeting will be a social evening of Cookies and Conversation.  Join the OTFSC board members December 8th, 6:00 at the library.  Ask questions, learn about finished and ongoing projects, and find out how being a "Fire Safe Community" can help keep you and your neighborhood be safer from catastrophic fire and perhaps lower insurance premiums.

Calendar of 2021 Board and Public Meetings

Board meeting are at 7:00, Public meetings at 6:00 unless otherwise noted.

Jan. 22, Nominations
Board Meeting (Zoom)

Feb. 16, elections
Board  and Public Meeting (Zoom)

     Public Meeting at 6:00, elections

     Board Meeting at 7:00

March 16

Board Meeting 

April 20 Board Meeting 

May 18

Board and Public Meeting 

    Public Meeting at 6:00

    Board Meeting at 7:00

June 15

    Board Meeting


July 20
Board Meeting at the Chamber

Aug. 24

Board and Public Meeting (Zoom)

     Public Meeting at 6:00

     Board Meeting at 7:00

Sept. 28
Board Meeting on zoom

Oct. 26

Board Meeting on zoom

Dec. 8, 

     Cookies and Conversation at the 

     Library, 6:00 followed by a board

     meeting at 7:00


        Board Meeting (Every month, open to the public)

        Public Meeting (open to the public, Stakeholder's update)

December 8th, Cookies and Conversation,

In place of a formal public meeting the December meeting will be an informal evening to ask questions and learn more about Oak to Timberline Fire Safe Council. A board meeting will immediately follow the informal public meeting.

Board Meeting

Call to order

Minutes from May 18, 2021



     Grants (Current grant work in progress

     PIO/Social Media

     Sierra RCD (FRAs)


New Business:


Old Business:

     By-laws Changes proposed


  Current action items:





Board meeting issues and actions from Nov. 26, 2021
Officers:     Jon Lovewell, Chairperson     Jackie Harper, Vice Chair     Julie Harcos, Secretary             Patrick Mc Caig, Treasurer                      Dotty Woolum, Grant Chairperson       Mahalia LoMele PIO (Public Information Officer
                                Directors:    Steve Orsaba, Joseph Hunter, Tom Kramer, Tina Rolfsema, Rita Frank
                                Stakeholder/Member:    John Huneke, CWPP coordinator

Minutes for November Board meeting.

Call to order at 7:03 p.m.

Minutes of October 26, accepted.


Treasurer's report:  All outstanding bills have been paid.  The Fuel Reduction           Grant is now completed

     A vote to donate $500 to the Chamber for use, passed

Grant's report:  The Brookside Fuel Break Grant has been accepted and we now         have a contract to sign.  The beginning date for this grant is January 1, 2022.

PIO report:  Most of the activity of the PIO was in an educational capacity -               posting information to facebook and Nextdoor, and answer questions about          The KNP Complex Fire.  Much of the information was in  terms of evacuation       and evacuation warnings.

     The FireWise Community Program was introduced.

Admin. Assistant/SRCD/FRAs:Ian Ashby of SRCD introduced Susie Ward who will        join Ian in doing Fire Risk Evaluations.  So far at least 60 FREs have been

     done.  They have done brush removal and clean up for several people who 

     had an FRE and had an economic need for help.

New Business

A committee was formed to review and update the OTFSC by-laws.

Plans for "Cookies and Conversation" and the board meeting to follow 

     were finalized.

Meeting at the Dunlap Community Center instead of the Library was proposed.

There was no old business:

Meeting adjourned at 8:32