This meeting will be an in-person meeting.  Public is welcome.  If you wish to join us, call (559) 336-4147 for information on location.  

Calendar of 2021 Board and Public Meetings

Board meeting are at 7:00, Public meetings at 6:00 unless otherwise noted.

Jan. 22, Nominations
Board Meeting (Zoom)

Feb. 16, elections
Board  and Public Meeting (Zoom)

     Public Meeting at 6:00, elections

     Board Meeting at 7:00

March 16

Board Meeting 

April 20 Board Meeting 

May 18

Board and Public Meeting 

    Public Meeting at 6:00

    Board Meeting at 7:00

June 15

    Board Meeting


July 20
Board Meeting 

Aug. 17

Board and Public Meeting 

     Public Meeting at 6:00

     Board Meeting at 7:00

Sept. 21
Board Meeting 

Oct. 19

Board Meeting 

Nov. 16, 

Board and Public Meeting

     Public Meeting at 6:00

     Board Meeting at 7:00

Dec. 21 Board Meeting



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June 15 Agenda

A full agenda will be posted prior to the June meeting.

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Board Meeting

Call to order

Minutes from May 18, 2021



     Grants (Current grant work in progress

     PIO/Social Media

     Sierra RCD (FRAs)


New Business:


Old Business:

     By-laws Change for dual members (Udo)


  Current action items:


          Bulletin board kiosks



Board meeting issues and actions from May 18, 2021
Officers:     Jon Lovewell, Chairperson     Jackie Harper, Vice Chair     Julie Harcos, Secretary             Patrick Mc Caig, Treasurer                      Dotty Woolum, Grant Chairperson       Mahalia LoMele PIO (Public Information Officer
                                Directors:    Steve/Lorri Orsaba, Joseph Hunter, Tom Kramer, Tina Rolfsema, Udo/Rita Frank
                                Stakeholder/Member:    John Huneke, CWPP coordinator


Treasurer's Report:  Patrick reported that OTFSC book keeping is becoming complicated enough that we need to hire an accountant to do the books.  This would cost about $90/hour and work one to two hours a month.  Motion made, seconded, and passed.  The work on Dunlap Road is costing more than anticipated due to traffic control.  The amount of traffic on Dunlap Road causes constant work stoppages to allow cars to pass.  We need to find out if we can redirect some of the grant to cover the rest of the project.  The fuel break work is costing about $6,000/day.  Quick Books has the capability to project expenses.  An accountant could do this for us too.

Grant Report:  The new CCI grant that Dotty has written and submitted will focus on Brookside for a shaded fuel break.  More signs were ordered to hang at the Pinehurst Fuel Break project that acknowledges the funding entities of the grant.  Good progress is being made by hand crews along Hogback in the forest responsibility area.  Patrick proposed that a permanent sign be made that says who the parners are, who did the work, and possibly a map with some basic information.  We need to post something in the kiosks with this information when we get the kiosks.  Mahalia is redesigning the the LOAs for the Pinehurst Grant.  Money in the Brookside Grant will be designated for PIO/education.

Sierra RCD (FREs):  We  planned the June 19, Brush Bustin' Event.  This will take place immediately after the Men's group at the church.  They will be invited/encouraged to join us at the Chamber.  


Gena's will be hosting a fundraiser event for OTFSC at the restaurant.  10% of proceeds would be donated to OTFSC.  We need to get back to them for more information and plan a date.  Patrick was asked if we have a separate line item or account for donations.  This money can be spent at any time, no restrictions.  Money from the tank sales counts as donations.  


PIO/Social Media:  Posts have been on Facebook and Next Door, three days a week, for the last month.  Rita/Udo and Tina will continue this schedule of posts.  Mahalia has shared these posts with other local social media groups.  Future posts should include invitations for feedback and the committee should be ready to respond to that feedback. 

The tear off pads with evacuation maps have arrived.  Mahalia will make plans for AirB&Bs to get them.  These pages are designed to inform guests of protocol in a fire prone area and provides an evacuation map.  

Sierra RCD:  the acronym "PAR" (Property Assessment Report) is now FRE (Fire Risk Evaluation).  SRCD has approved this change.

New Business

Pinehurst Community Fuel Break Community Meeting:  a community meeting has been proposed to make a presentation and answer questions about the Pinehurst Fuel Break.  This is a major project, close to homes, will impact private property and traffic.  We need to have maximum by-in from the community to support this project.  Some dates were tentatively suggested.  It was decided that two mailers should be sent out before a planned meeting.  The first would be a letter to property owners involved in the fuel break, explaining/promoting the value of participating in the project.  The second would invite people to a meeting.  The meeting should be planned for September and include people from CalFire, OTFSC, and the Forest Service to explain and answer questions, and a presentation on Firewise communities by someone experienced in creating/maintaining one.  Most board members were not familiar with the concept and it was agreed that each would be more informed by the May meeting.  To learn more about Firewise Communities, click here

Question:  can a hydrant be put on Todd Eymann Road on the easement near Cedar Brook?  CalFire would not fimd anything that has to do with permanent water supplies.  Would the Forest Service Approve?  Cost of this is not known.  Steve will s around to see if this might be possible.  

Old Business:

By-laws changes for dual members:  Mahalia asked Kelly about this issue.  No response yet.  The issue will continue to be pursued.  

Kiosks:  Jack will investigate options for the kiosks and make recommendations.

Next board meeting will be June 15th, 7:00, an in person meeting, not zoom.  Any one wishing to attend, call Mahalia at (559) 336-4147

Meeting adjourned at 9:06