Hardening your Home

a presentation by Craig Jones


Defensible Space…And More

Fear the Ember

Outsmart the Ember




  1. Introduction


Living in the Wildland Urban Interface – the WUI, comes with so many benefits. You know – you live here. However, like many places (tornado alley, hurricane prone areas, earthquake and tsunami zones, flood plains), DISASTER PREPAREDNES is unfortunately of utmost importance.


So, with all the information out there, on websites, in brochures and newsletters, from workshops and talking to neighbors, where do you begin to set your priorities? The answer to this is not a simple one but this presentation should hopefully help with……




  1. Introduction to Fire Behavior


  1. The BIG 3

    1. Fuels

    2. Weather

    3. Topography


  1. Breaking up the continuity of fuels

    1. How is Heat Transferred during a wildfire

    2. Vertical (ladder fuels)

    3. Horizontal (ground fuels, structure & building components)


  1. Wildfire Mitigation Preparedness


  1. Mitigation Components

    1. Insurance

    2. Defensible Space

    3. Hardening Your Home

    4. Pre-Event Planning and Evacuation


  1. Mitigation Action

    1. Insurance

      1. Check your Coverage A – Policy Limit

      2. Key Take-Away: Current replacement costs may be significantly more than replacing your existing home


    1. Defensible Space

      1. Zone 1A, Zone 1, Zone 2,


    1. Hardening Your Home

      1. Roof and Eaves

        1. Roof Design, Type & Condition

        2. Gutters, Skylights, Solar Panels


      1. Siding, Vents and Openings

        1. Windows

        2. Base of Walls

        3. Siding Type and Condition

        4. Vent Screening, Garage & Dog Doors


      1. Decks, Porches and Structure Attachments

      2. Accessory Structures and Personal Property Assessment

        1. Detached Garages, Barns, Shops, other

        2. Firewood

        3. Propane Tanks

        4. Others: Boats, RV’s


    1. Pre-Event Planning and Evacuation

      1. Insurance

      2. Evacuation Plan

        1. Escape Routes

        2. Address Displayed

      3. Personal Belongings (Evac. Kit)

        1. Insurance Docs., Prescriptions, Passports, Birth Certs. etc.)

      4. Communication Plan

      5. Pets

      6. Discussions with Your Neighbors

      7. Leaving Town



  1. Resources