Electrical Wiring Caused a Fire on the Hogback

The Hogback in Badger

Electrical wiring can be a big danger in our mountain communities.  What seems innocuous can start a wildfire.  The Hogback had a fire on July 21st that may have been started with faulty wiring connected with a suspected outdoor pot grow.  This points up the danger of pilfering power from legitimate property owners to power illegal crops.  Not only do the property owners pay for power that they aren't using,  they might end up being burned out their homes.  

This property owner was wise! Saving property in wildfire prone areas is not luck, it is putting in the time to brush and clear around the property that could be at risk, then clearing another hundred feet.  This fire burned 58 acres and destroyed two structures.  This property survived though surrounded by flames because the owner did a fantastic job of clearing and brushing.  We congratulate them on a job well done.  Our hope is that everyone in the mountains and foothills follows this example.

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