Bustin' some  Brush

More Brush Bustin’ and Chippin’ in Miramonte

Hello friends and neighbors,

The forestry team of Ian Ashby, Blair Duncan, and Susie Ward from our partner Sierra Resource Conservation District (Sierra RCD) has organized a Volunteer Workday in Miramonte to clear and remove brush around an enclave of homes on Highway 245 below Dunlap Road, on Tuesday, November 9, at 8:45 am.

Ian, Susie, and Blair have done Fire Risk Evaluations on more than 60 properties in our neighborhood as part of the Sierra RCD project called Kings-Sequoia Gateway Community Fire Defense Program. Based on those 
evaluations and qualification criteria (low-income, seniors, disabled, and the benefit to surrounding homes and community assets), Ian and Blair create work plans to clear brush around 100’ around homes (the clearance area required by CalFire). Fifteen homes / buildings have been selected to have work done so far.

The first Volunteer Workday in June, at the Central Sierra Chamber building in Pinehurst, was a great success. What a relief to see heavy 
brush cut back farther from the building, helping this long-standing, and much-beloved organization be safer in a wildfire. And we all know the KNP Complex came pretty close. In fact, the Chamber building was in the Fresno County evacuation warning zone for a few weeks, before the rain came and gave firefighters the upper hand.

On Tuesday, November 9, a second Workday will help a group of homes in Miramonte. Volunteers from Habitat for Humanity have been invited, joining 
Sierra RCD staff and Oak to Timberline Fire Safe Council, to continue the work on Highway 245 already underway by contractors hired by Sierra RCD: feeding the chipper, weed whacking, and hauling brush.

Help make us help our neighborhood be safer! Lunch will be provided. Arrive onsite at 8:45 for a safety orientation; work begins at 9:15 am. 
Call / text / email Mahalia to RSVP and get directions to the work site:

If you are curious about Sierra Resource Conservation District (SRCD) and what it does,