Take a critical look at your property, then here are resources to get you started.

Burnie's Nest

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Fire is coming!  Fire is here!  With the KNP Complex fire creeping closer and closer to Montecito and Wilsonia being warned of possible evacuation, it is past time to have made careful, thorough preparation.  Now it's time to make sure the minimum, at least, is done.  Walk outside your door, turn around, and look at what is within five feel of your house.  What do you see that is flamable and fairly easy to remove. 


If fire comes you will probably have been told to evacuate.  It is important that you do that.  Deaths in fires tend to be people who stay behind to try to protect their property.  Now is the time to make sure you have your "go bag" ready.  Now is also the time to be proactive and decide what things are the most important to you to save.  Be ready to put those in your car.  Make sure your car is fully gassed up and ready to roll.  Know your evacuation route.  If you have close neighbors that might need help, make a plan with them.  Above all, be safe.

The following are some websites you can visit to keep updated on the progress of the fire.  There are many rumors going around in Badger and Pinehurst.  Official websites are the best place to get accurate, up to date information.  If fire truly comes your way, the sheriff will issue an evacuation warning.  That gives you time to gather things up.  The next step is mandatory evacuation, time to go!

Official websites:  


          http://wildlandfiresmoke.net/outl.../southernSierra-Sequoia   (for air quality)

          http://knowbeforeyoufly.org     (information on flying drones in the area)


If you have facebook, go to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks for daily updates, and Oak to Timberline Fire Safe Council for additional information.


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