Friends of Buck Rock Docent Program

Buck Rock Lookout in the Sequoia National Forest

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Do you love spending time in the mountains? Are you friendly with a positive attitude? Or maybe you’re a long-time visitor to Buck Rock and want to give back to that oh-so-very special place? Then this may be the volunteer opportunity for you!


Buck Rock Lookout, in the Giant Sequoia National Monument, has increasingly become an international destination. With this popularity comes a constant stream of people who are excited to see a working lookout and to view the spectacular sites seen from the top of the rock. While it is wonderful to share our lookout with so many visitors, at times it can impact the fire-watcher and the job they are there to do. In response to the need to assist the lookout staff and to help answer questions by inquisitive visitors, the Buck Rock Foundation has instituted a Docent Program designed to help out on weekends, holidays and other high-impact days during the summer months.


Volunteer docents set up at the base of Buck Rock with tables, chairs and awnings to talk to visitors before they head up the stairs. Limiting the number of guests climbing the stairs and inside the lookout cab allows the lookout on duty to do the job more effectively. In addition to handing out bits of information about the forest, park and interpretation about lookouts and fire, docents also explain how to support the Buck Rock Foundation and the preservation of fire lookouts.


Our docent program, which kicked off during fire season 2015, has been a big success and we would like to continue the program into the future. Your time commitment is based on your availability (from one day to several) generally beginning mid-June through Labor Day weekend. Local knowledge is especially appreciated! If you are interested in volunteering as a “Friend of Buck Rock” please contact us via email at or by telephone 559-901-8151.


Hope to see you at Buck Rock!

For information on applying, download the flyer here