Acronyms used by OTFSC (Oak to Timberline FireSafe Council

(and who to ask for clarification)

BLM               Bureau of Land Management                                

CCADT            Central California Animal Disaster Team (Local/Regional)

CEQA              California Environmental Quality Act (Dotty)

CFIP               California Forest Improvement Program (Tom)

CWPP             Community Wildfire Protection Plan  (Julie or Jack)

EQIP               Environmental Quality Incentives Program

FKU                Fresno Kings Unit  (Dotty)

HFRP              Healthy Forest Restoration Plan  (Mahalia)

LOA                Land Owner Agreement (Mahalia)

LTO                Licensed Timber Operator  (Dotty)

MRA              Mountain Rodeo Association  (Local)

MVFD             Mountain Valley Fire Department (local)

NEPA              National Environmental Policy At

NFPA              National Fire Protection Association  (Mahalia)

NPS                Nation Park Service

NRCS              National Resources Conservation Service

OES                Office of Emergency Services  (Dotty)

PAR              Property Assessment Report (Mahalia)

RPF               Registered Professional Forester  (Dotty)     

SEKI              Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park

SFCC             Sierra Foothills community Club (Local)

SNC              Sierra Nevada Conservancy  (Dotty)

SNF               Sierra National Forest

SQF               Sequoia Nation forest

SRA              State Responsibility Area  (Dotty)

SRCD            Sierra Resource Conservation District  (Dotty)

TM                Tree Mortality  (Dotty)

TMTF             Tree Mortality Task force  (Dotty)

TUU               Tulare Unit  (Dotty)

USDA             United States Dep't of Agriculture

USF or FS       United States Forest Service

Y/S RCD         Yosemite/Sequoia Resource Conservation

                          and Development Council  (Dotty)